Understanding Carmen's Story was created on October 29, 2011. I accept review requests and swag items from authors, publishers, and/or agents. Please document that I am stationed in the United States.

Book Genres I will read:
Young Adult, Romance, Paranormal, Action, Dystopian, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Mystery, Adult, Some Erotica. 

Though I am primarily a Young Adult book blogger, I will still read anything and everything that interests me so if I like the summary then I'll definitely read it! Also, if the book is not in my age range that will not deter me either, whether it be a middle grade read, or an adult book.

Book Genres I will not read:

Please don't send me an email, requesting for me to review a non-fiction book because then it will be automatically deleted and ignored. I'm not a non-fiction reader.

Book Formats I Accept:
Paperback/Hardback, Advanced Reader Copies (ARC), and E-books. 

Take note, I absolutely adore physical books so if you'd your book to be reviewed faster, I wouldn't suggest sending an e-book.

Information on Book Reviews:
All opinions of the book are my own. I will be completely honest in my review, even if the book is sent to me by the authors themselves. If I do not like the book, I won't be cruel in my review, but I will clearly express my dislike for the book in the review.

If there is a time limit in which my review should be up, then please let me know and I will try my best to reach it but no promises.

I respond to ALL emails sent to me, though it may not come to you an exact day later. The most you will have to wait is a week or so, but it usually doesn't take that long for me to respond back. If you have to wait longer than 2 weeks for a reply back from me, that usually means that I'm not interested in reviewing your book.

Contact Me 
Through my email: carmenshaw95@yahoo.com
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