Review: Torn by K.A. Robinson

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Chloe hasn't had the best life. With a mother who is gone more often than not, she has had to raise herself. After graduating high school, she leaves to start a new life away at West Virginia University with her best friends Amber and Logan, determined to leave her demons in the past.

On her first day, she meets a stranger who takes her breath away at first sight. Until she met Drake, no one had ever sparked her interest. Now this tattooed and pierced bad boy is all she can think about, no matter how hard she fights it.

Falling for Drake was never part of her plans, but when it happens, things seem to do anything but fall into place.

Dealing with a tragic past, Drake has never cared about anyone else but himself and his band. But when Chloe takes the empty seat next to him in class, things start to change. Instantly drawn to her, he begins to wonder if one girl can take a cold hearted womanizer and change every part of him?
This book took me less than 24 hours to finish, and I read all of it in one sitting.

Torn revolves around West Virginia University freshman Chloe, who's just beginning a fresh start with her two best friends, Logan and Amber. She traveled far away from her old home for the sole purpose of escaping her old life, which consisted of an abusive and neglectful mother who left Chloe with more than just physical scars but also psychological ones.

With her waist-length hair, tough black yet laid-back clothing, and no-makeup preferences, Chloe is a natural beauty all her own without trying too hard to impress anyone. This doesn't stop the bad boy on campus, Drake Allen - lead singer of a rock band titled Breaking the Hunger - from noticing her and becoming transfixed on her beauty. Because he sports tattoos, long dark hair, and piercings, every girl on campus is attracted to him, and he notices. Drake is the ultimate womanizer. Now, this isn't to say that he's a terrible person with a bad personality; he just really appreciates women and has never had an interest in staying tied down to just one lady.

Once befriending the beautiful rocker chick, Chloe, he begins to think that his whorish ways can be altered a bit. Chloe, on the other hand, is absolutely attracted to Drake as well, but then also finds out that her best friend of several years, Logan, has loved her for many of those years.

After a series of misguided actions and selfish affairs, Chloe finds herself in the midst of having two extremely attractive boys loving her dearly.

This book pissed me off so much! This isn't to say that it wasn't entertaining, or that I didn't enjoy reading it. I was just frustrated by Chloe more than I'd like to admit. She was a whore, to put it simply. She would sleep with Drake one day and then two weeks later she would sleep with Logan. Afterwards, she would retreat to her dorm room and cry about how terrible of a person she was. You knew you were being terrible while you were doing the horizontal tangle, why didn't you just stop?!?!

I did, however, really like Drake and Logan separately for different reasons. Drake was a womanizer, yes, but at least he was always straight up with his affairs. He never led people on (*cough* unlike Chloe); he never played with people's affections, and most importantly, he was just honest with everyone. Logan, conversely, was the complete opposite. He was never a selfish human being (*cough* unlike Chloe); he was especially kind, and he was always truthful in his feelings.

These boys were great, and I personally thought that neither deserved to be with someone like Chloe - I thought they deserved way better. Now, here is where I contradict myself completely... Even though, I have ragged on Chloe all throughout this review, I am still probably going to read Twisted, the next installment in this series, just to see what stupid mistakes she'll make next. This book is almost exactly like a soap opera - you feel disgraceful and despicable for being entertained by it, but you can't make yourself look away.


Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with an ebook version of this book to read and review!

Carmen Shaw


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