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Kathleen Hayson thinks her biggest problem is her mother. The only runner up—her mouth. With a wit sharper than her mother's perfectly manicured nails, her clever remarks create more problems than they solve.

But it's not her clever remarks landing her knee-deep in trouble. This time, Josh Colby is to blame. Kathleen's former childhood friend has become the school's most stuck up jerk. Before, she'd have told him to piss off and write his own stupid letter to the town slut/minister's daughter. Now Kathleen's escalating problems at home force her to reevaluate how flexible her principles are. She agrees to write the controversial letter Josh has requested.

Enter Rigel, a smartass magical creature who invades her room one night, promising he has come to help. When a boy Kathleen hates turns up dead and her mother goes missing, the letter becomes a key piece of police evidence—implicating Kathleen. As she fights her way out of a web of lies, the trust she has in those closest to her shatters. In the end, she's pushed to a terrible choice: who lives, and who else dies.
Overall Thoughts:
This was a very quick and unconventional read with thrilling, hair-raising moments!

Four in the Morning is about a girl in high school named Kathleen Hayson, who is the epitome of sarcasm. Her mother is a pretty terrible person, who verbally abuses Kathleen about her weight and her smart mouth, and her father is always absent because of work reasons. Because of that, Kathleen has always used her sarcasm and bitterness to guard her, and is often seen as mean and unapproachable because of it. Then she meets a little creature named Rigel, who looks like any other skunk but is not. He has the knowledge and sense of any human being, and is also able to speak (in a British accent, may I add). This little beast turns Kathleen's life upside down...

What I liked about this book:
This book surprised me a lot. By just looking at this cover, I would have guessed that it's a more serious novel with little to no comedic points, but I was wrong. Kathleen was hilarious... and mean, but still funny nonetheless. Also, I loved Rigel! He was the complete opposite of Kathleen; he was sophisticated, and proper, and petite.

What I disliked about this book:
I wished that Rigel was introduced in a better way so that it was more believable. He kind of just popped up out of the blue which made him hard to grasp.

Also, I wished that the author explained more of the character's backgrounds, besides Kathleen. It would have given a better insight into them and how they function.

It was very different and I liked it!

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  1. The book sounds good. I'd like to read it.

  2. This book seems unique and different. I'd love to win it.

  3. I've seen some ARC hype on this book on Twitter and GoodReads.. I think it's going to be a dark and delecatable read.. Good luck everyone :) Thank you for hosting this book tour!


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