"The Hunger Games" cast pose for Vanity Fair

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 Not exactly sure what to make of the casting just yet. I didn't really picture any of the characters to look like the actors, except for Rue. Amanda Stenberg is so adorable! I hope this movie doesn't bomb (I doubt it, but it's still possible) because the books are so awesome!
The Hunger Games comes out in March 23, 2012.

Doesn't the cast photo remind you a lot of the Twilight cast's photo?

Yup, it definitely does. I like this photo better, only because they look so much more close and family-like than the Hunger Games cast.

Carmen Shaw


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  1. Oh! Cool, I really want to see the movie - though can't get too hopeful with it. ;)

    Yeah my first though was Twilight photo as well. :)


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