Review: Tears of Betrayal by Sherry A. Burton

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AMBER'S WORLD IS SHATTERED when her husband Jeff dies suddenly in an accident. On the day of his funeral, in the midst of her grief, she is blind-sided with divorce papers, served only hours before the service. Forced to face how flawed her marriage truly was, Amber finally begins to deal with the lies and deceit that were at the very foundation of her relationship.When the ruggedly handsome Kentucky horse breeder Dalton loses his beloved wife shortly after the birth of their child, he thinks he will never find love again. Four years later, he knows something is missing from his life, but just can't seem to place it. Until he meets the raven-haired beauty; the woman of his dreams.Will Amber overcome the fear of being hurt again and find true love? Will she be able to see clearly through her tears of betrayal? 

OMG! This book surprised me! Going into it, I didn't really expect it to be as good as it actually was.

The book is about a woman named Amber Mae. She has one 13 year old daughter: Julie, and one douche of a husband: Jeff. They've been together for over a decade, and it turns out that Jeff had been unfaithful to Amber the whole entire time! What a douche, right!? Jeff is always away, never calling to tell her why, and he actually plans on divorcing her and leaving her for another girl (one of whom is knocked up by him). But he dies in a car crash, can't say I was sad to see him go. The day of the funeral, Amber is served with divorce papers and the vicious girlfriend/baby momma on the side confronts her in front of everyone there, leaving Amber angry, confused, embarrassed, and just plain sad!

But for me, the story doesn't really start until the love interest and her meet; Dalton is his name. He has one daughter: Katie Mae, and a nanny: Maggie. He's a widow as well, but he just couldn't seem to find the right woman until he sets his eyes on the raven-haired beauty, none other than Amber.

You can guess what happens next, folks...

This book had a southern feel to it, which kind of deterred me from reading it in the beginning, but I'm so happy that I continued reading it! I loved the whole entire book overall. I will say that the first half of the book wasn't nearly as exciting or enticing as the second half, which is why it's 4 stars and not 5 stars, but the second half definitely made up for it.

I will definitely be buying Burton's next book, The Scars Between Us, which will be coming out in Feb 2012!


Carmen Shaw


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  1. This looks like a good one! Sounds like Amber deserved some happiness after her first marriage---at the funeral!! Poor thing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!


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