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A Kiss for Emily (Emily Stokes Series, #1)
Emily didn't know that falling in love would place her smack-dab in the middle of a dicey game called deception. Or wake up one morning, shortly thereafter, wondering if she'd actually lost her mind!A KISS FOR EMILY is a thrilling YA paranormal romance, where discovering the paranormal is exciting for the reader, but life-threatening for Emily Stokes, the 17-yr. old high school student from Kansas.


After a good brushing and other bedtime rituals, I headed back to my bedroom. On the way, I noticed a dim glow coming from Kat's room.
    "Are you still up?"
    "Yeah, I'm not tired." She was watching a video on a small TV that sat upon her dresser.
    "Guess what?" I taunted.
    "You hit your head and now you don't remember who you are."
    "Whatever," I sneered. "I met someone today." I whispered, almost like it was a secret.
    "Kat sat up in her bed. "Who?"
    "His name is Sam. Come here, I want to show you something. He gave me a flower." I grabbed her small hand and pulled her out from under her quilted bedspread. Grabbing my shirt from the back of my desk chair, I reached into the pocket to retrieve the delicate red bud from its place of safety. Only there were no soft petals. Instead, I felt...grit. I pulled the pocket open wide and peered into its depths. It was filled with dark, dry dirt.
    "That's strange."
    "What is?"
    "I must have lost it," I said disappointingly, shaking the dirt out into the wastebasket.
    "It's just a stupid flower."
    "And you're too little to understand."
    She crossed her arms. "All right, tell me more."
    "He's the cutest guy I've ever seen in my life. No one at T-West even begins to hold a candle next to him."
    "Oh," she said. Then added, "Did ya kiss him?"
    I imagined him and me in a romantic first kiss. "No."
    Her eyes dimmed.
    "But I'd like to."
    Kat's nose crinkled.


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  1. I loved the excerpt! Just added a new book to my TBR!

  2. I enjoyed the excerpt. This book sounds great!

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  4. Hello! Thank you Shae for a great post!

    I'm happy to see you all taking interest an in A Kiss for Emily.

    The fun continues all week long with more host blogs! Please check out the line up on my blog or on Dark Minded Tours.

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