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 Logan Langley is just months away from his thirteenth birthday and the biggest day of his life- the day he will finally be Marked. The Mark lets people get jobs, vote, and even go out to eat or buy concert tickets.

Becoming Marked means becoming free. Or so he is told. Five years ago when Logan's sister went to get her Mark she never came back. Now Logan can't shake the feeling he's being watched...

And then he finds the wire.

Overall Thoughts:
I was pretty paranoid while reading this book... in a good way!

Swipe is about 12 year old Logan Langley who lives in a dystopian world of the Marked and the Markless. The people who are Markless are kind of looked down upon. When the time comes for Logan to get marked, it's kind of like turning 18 in the United States. You become open to a whole new world of opportunities, like voting! So getting marked is usually an experience that people look forward to, but not for Logan. Why, you ask? Well, five years prior, his older sister went to get her mark and completely disappeared. Ever since, Logan feels he is being watched... and he isn't wrong.

What I liked about this book:
The concept is what intrigued me in the first place, but the creepiness factor is what kept me interested and I think that's imperative for a dystopian novel to have - a good fright! Logan kept fearing that he was being followed and was so paranoid about it, which made me paranoid! I'm easily scared I'll admit, so this book definitely gave me the chills!

What I disliked about this book:
Some of the characters weren't very personable, meaning that they didn't stick with me. The only people I really liked were the two main characters, Logan and Erin (She's awesome!). Everyone else kind of fell by the wayside.

This was a quick and easy read that successfully gave me the chills and surprised me at the same time!    


Carmen Shaw


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