Review: The Vampire Underground by Brian Rowe

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16-year-old Brin Skar hates everything to do with the supernatural, so the obsessive film geek isn't happy when she discovers that her junior year Film class at Grisly High is devoted to the horror genre. She's even more disconcerted when she learns that six groups in the class will be writing and directing their very own horror movies.

Brin and five classmates travel to Bodie Ghost Town in California to shoot their creepy film, but they soon find themselves fighting a real terrifying threat when a clan of mean, bloodthirsty vampires emerge from beneath the surface and start attacking the group. The teens, headed by Brin and the egotistical director Anaya Frost, have no help from the outside and become outnumbered by the vampires a hundred to one. 

But when Brin meets Paul, a helpful and smoldering vampire outcast who's had enough of his shameful life, she realizes he might be the only key to her survival.

Overall Thoughts:
I couldn't possibly summarize this book so the only thing I will say is: This book is an absolute roller coaster! My eyes stayed glued to it from start to finish. Ahh... so entertaining!

The Vampire Underground is about a girl named Brin Skar who begins taking a film class in high school where they're studying the horror genre, which is Brin's least favorite genre. Her teacher decides to give the entire class a group project which consists of the students creating a horror film. Brin gets a bit discouraged when she's not partnered up with her best friend, Ash, but is okay with her group until she's finds out that she has to work with a girl named Anaya, who's pretty much terrible.

Each person in the group has a specific job to do (i.e. director, writer, actor, cinematographer). Anaya chooses herself as both director and writer, and decides that they should film their movie in Bodie Ghost Town, which is exactly what it sounds like. Not a soul wanders in Bodie, so the group sees it as the perfect setting! What they don't see is the clan of vampires lurking in wait to attack them...

What I liked about this book:
It surprised the crap out of me! I loved that the author used old school, ugly, gory vampires and not the Twilight-esque kind. Less sparkle, more gloom! This book was all about fighting to stay alive and survival. Just think about it: Six kids travel to a ghost town... who makes it out alive?

I read the summary and although it sounded interesting, I didn't think I'd love this book as much I did. It was an incredible page turner! It brought me to the edge of my seat (even though I read it in bed, laying down)! And it made me want to bite my nails right down to the nub (Old habits die hard!). 

The author has a very easy way of writing and uses subtle comedy & romance to lighten the mood, so even though there's a lot of gore and freaky stuff in this book, it wasn't technically scary.

And even though Anaya was a terrible character in the beginning, the little nugget grew on me and I kept praying for her to survive with Brin and make it out alive. You will be totally shocked! Yes, I was excited.

What I disliked about this book:
Eh... not a huge fan of the cover. Oh, and there was a very mean cliff-hanger at the end that made me want to pee my pants.

Please read this book if you need an adrenaline rush! I loved the subtle comedy, the subtle romance, and the none too subtle action!


Carmen Shaw


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